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Up North Gun Shop


Some of  the services we offer

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Basic Rifle

An 8 hour long course that includes classroom and range time. In this course you will learn skills for the safe use of a rifle. You will learn the NRA's rules for safe gun handing, how to operate a rifle, types of ammo and how to find the correct ammo for your rifle. We will go over the different types of shooting positions such as prone, bench rest, sitting, standing and kneeling. Call for more details.

Basic Pistol

An 8 hour long course that consists of an e-learning portion that is completed online at your own time, and a hands on portion with an NRA certified instructor. In this course you will learn the fundamentals of shooting. This course will give you the skills and knowledge to safely operate a handgun. Call for more details.

WI Concealed Carry and Multi-State

Approximately a 4 hour long course, which will go over the fundamental rules of firearm safety, and additional safe gun handling practices. We will instruct you how to safely operate a revolver and a semi-automatic. We will also discuss concealed carry considerations, storage, transport, and Wisconsin requirements and consideration regarding the carry of a concealed firearm. Call for more detail. 

The Multi-State course is approximately 8 hours long, and will go over basic safety principles of proper shooting fundamentals , home defense and the threat and use of lethal force. We will go over the operations of a semi-automatic and a revolver. We will also discuss concealed carry considerations in multiple states, mainly Minnesota and WI. Call for more details.

Equipment Rental

We rent our clay thrower and we also have rental firearms must pass background for firearm rentals. 

Basic Shotgun

At least a 10 hour long course that consists of class room and range time. This course will teach you the basic skills and knowledge to safely handle a shotgun. In this course we will discuss safe gun handling, shotgun parts and operation, malfunctions and the fundamentals of shot gun. Call for more details.

Range Safety Officer 

Become a range safety officer. In this course you will learn  


We offer a large line of gunsmith services, including but not limited to: gun cleaning & maintenance, general repairs, trigger & action jobs, night sights, custom gun finishes, scope installation, rifle accuracy, and much more.  During Deer hunting season it is a great time to come get your scope sighted.

Come in and talk with are friendly staff 

Brian Galek Gunsmith  Lead Instructor       Hiedi Kriske Office Manager Instructor

Bob Miller Sales  Instructor           John Fish Sales 

Tony Campion Sales                   Judy Miller Sales

John Fish Jr  Sales                       Don Heling Sales

Thomas Galek  Apprentice Smith      Alexis Klotz Sales

Up North Gun Shop LLC

2231 State HWY 17

Phelps WI, 54554

715 617-2442 or 715 like gun